Unique facts about poodle|| temprament||height||weight||behaviour.

Unique facts about poodle|| temprament||height||weight||behaviour.
Poodle is very beautiful and cute dog breed.They are very famous in all over the world.this dog breed is very loyal for their family and owners.

this dog breed is the second most intelligent dog breed.they are very gentle with small kids and also very familiar with strangers and also with other dogs.

Some fun-facts about poodle.:--

:--Poodle is very old breed this means that it is an ancient breed.poodle is thousands years old dog breed.It had been found in the ancient artifacts of Roman and Egyptians. They are very famous in ancient France,and other countries.

:--This breed  is look like very gentle and very cute but that's not true It was originally bred for hunting.today's poodles are smaller than the hunter poodle.

:--poodle need lot of grooming because of their  long coats  that means it need a little bit high maintenance.poodle need daily brushing.

:--poodle's coat is look very good but their is a very big limitations of this coat,that poodle does not shred like other dogs because of this the poodle can easily be caught by allergies.
Unique facts about poodle|| temprament||height||weight||behaviour.

:--This breeed is not much aggressive as other big dogs but they are very friendly not only with family but  also with strangers.They are very gentle with small kids. They are very good family pet.

:--this dog breed comes in three sizes:--

:--Poodles are in the list of smartest dog breed and they are world second most intelligent dog breed.they can learn many tricks only in some repetitions.

:-their hairs never stop growing ,that  means they need high maintenance and grooming. 
Poodle temperament and height

Poodle is a very good dog breed for kids and for family.they are very smart and are not much aggressive as compare to other dogs but aggression of any dog breed is depend on the owner or trainer of that dog and also the socialization of dog  is basic reason of aggression.

Height and weight of poodle

The Height of Toy Poodle is up to 10 inches and weights about five to nine pounds. The Height of Miniature Poodle is upto 10 to 15 inches tall and weights upto 14 to 17 pounds.

Poodle's Temperament 

  • Alert 
  • Intelligent 
  • Instinctual
  • Faithful 
  • Trainable
  • Active

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