Great facts about male mosquitoes | mosquitoes lifespan.

World is full of  different animals and I'm gonna tell you about some interesting facts about mosquitoes ,the leading producer of disease across the world.
Great facts about male mosquitoes | mosquitoes lifespan.

1:-Do male mosquitoes bite?

No only female mosquitoes bite animals and humans and spread many diseases like malaria and many serious diseases.

2:-Why do they bite?

Mosquitoes feeds on human and animal blood and get essential protein and energy to obtain eggs.

3:-These are the world’s deadliest animals

When there is discussion about world’s deadliest animals
Many people start thinking about tiger,lion,leopard,shark,whales.
 it may shock some people to learn that its actually mosquitoes. Because they are leading spreader of very serious diseases.

4:-Diseases spread by Mosquitoes

They are responsible for spreading many harmful and serious diseases such as Malaria,Dengue and Zika. They are responsible for around 1 million deaths per year.

5:-They are not great competitor

In competition with other insects such as house flies and wasp, mosquitoes are much slower than  than house flies. They can only covers 1 to 2metres per hour.

6:-Mosquitoes are great dancers

It has been discovered that mosquitoes dance to impress other female mosquito before mating.

7:-Mosquitoes use CO2

They are specialist in using Co2  They use a special organ called a maxillary palp to follow the smell of CO2 released from our breath.

8:-There are many species of mosquitoes

According to the (M.S.A) American Mosquito Control Association, there are around more than 3,000 different species of mosquitoes around the world.
Great facts about male mosquitoes | mosquitoes lifespan.

9:-They are very greedy

 Mosquitoes are much greedy.they don't want to share his food or blood with other mosquitoes.

10:-Mosquitoes are blood conscious

Many studies had revealed that they  are able to drink 3 times more blood than their original weight.This prove that they are blood conscious.

11:-Lifespan of mosquitoes is very short

Mosquitoes are older as Dinosaurs but they don't live long. Estimate of mosquitoes lifespan is less than 30 to 56 days(2 months).

12:-Mosquitoes are really ancient

Mosquitoes are very ancient(old).they are older as dinosaurs.evidences were founded,that they are also in Triassic period.
If you’ve watched the film Jurassic Park then the movie scene start from mosquitos and dinosaur's blood that it sucks.

13:-They don’t only bite humans

Mosquitoes need blood to survive. But many people don't know that They don’t only bite also sucks blood from many animals like frog,lizards,dogs etc.

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