Unknown facts about Siberian Husky.

Siberian husky

Siberian husky is a worldwide famous dog breed.This dog breed is very strong and smart.Siberian husky is a wolf like dog breed.

This dog breed like cold and snowy weather than the hot weather.they are very loyal to their owner .
they are very gentle with the small kids.

they could be aggressive with strangers and other dog breeds.their behaviour depends upon socialization and training.

"Some facts about Siberian Husky".

:-- Siberian husky is a very famous dog breed all over the world because of their wolf like appearance and also wolf like behaviour.

:--Alaskian malamute and Siberian Husky both look very same but both have different-different temperaments.

:--This dog breed do not bark a lot but they howl like wolves.this dog breed is very strong .their muscles are built for running and pulling weights.

:--This dog breed is also used in World War 2,for pull weights and also transport arms for troops.

:--they run very fast than the humans ,because of  their strong  muscles their  speed can be upto 30mph.
Siberian husky

:--There is a very big myth that Siberian Huskies are color blind,but this is not true ,they can see many colors.

:--Huskies do not have appendix unlike humans.Humans have appendix.

:--Their lifespan is upto 13 to 15 years ,like other dog breeds.

:--One big limitation is that Siberian huskies are not good watch dogs ,they could be very gentle with strangers and other dogs.this all depends upon how the owner of the dog trained that dog.

:--Many dog breeds bark but Siberian huskies howl rather than bark.

:--Many Siberian huskies have one eye blue and other eye brown.it is called as "HETEROCHROMIA".

:--Their muscles are very strong. They are very gentle with small kids and sometimes also with strangers and other dogs. This dog breed is very familiar.

:--They do not like hot weather but they enjoys cold and snowy weather very much.
Siberian husky

:--Because of their wolves like appearance this dog breed is very famous in all over the world.

Behaviour of this dog breed is only depend upon how you treat your dog or how you trained your dog .aggression of any dog breed is always depends upon the socialization of that dog breed.

This dog breed is very gentle,loyal,smart and also very active.they needs daily week or they feel very bored and sometimes can be aggressive.

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