Unknown facts about Border collie.||smartest dog breed

Border collie
Unknown facts about Border collie

Border collie is world's most smartest dog breed. they are very smart and can learn many trick in only some repetition.

they are very loyal to their owners and very protective to their owner's safety.this dog breed is used for sheep herding.they are very loyal and obedient. Collie obeys command 96 percent of time very accurately.

They are very good watch dog.they are also very good guard dog.they bark very loudly on strangers and other animals.

"Some Unknown facts about Border collie.

:-- Border collies are very fast and alert,they are very smart and can learn many tricks only in some repetitions.they are great observers.they observe many things in their surroundings. 

:--They are great at sheep herding. They are very alert and very  fast. They are very loyal to their owners and trainers.

:-- Border collies are owners by many celebrities.they are very famous across the world. They also worked in movies and television advertisements.

Unknown facts about Border collie

:--Because of their great smartness ,they can not kept sitting at one place.they get bored very easily. They need daily freedom and walk.

:--they got their names by their home regions.they were bred at border of England  and Scotland.And the meaning of collie is sheep herder.

:--Smartness does not mean that they are easy to train, because of their alterness they could learn bad habits.so they need much time to train them.

:--they are very good watch dogs,they are also very good guad dogs,they are very alert and strong. Border follies are also used in police and  military works as a search and rescue team.beacuse they have great sense of smell and hearing.
Unknown facts about Border collie

 Due to their aggression, They need high training and socialization  or they could attack on strangers and on other animals.
This breed needs love or they feel alone and they could get depressed 

      Give your heart to dogs,                   they never break it 

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