Top 5 smartest dog breeds(full information).

Smartest dogs:--

Today I'm gonna tell you about top five smartest dog breeds in all over the world.all Dog breeds are smart,obedient and absorbed command in only five repitetion and obeyed all command 95 percent of time.

"Top five smartest dog breeds":--

First  (BORDER COLLIE) :-- 

Border collie

Border collie is the world smartest dog .they are very smart and can learn many trick in only some repetition.they are very loyal to their owners and very protective to their owner's safety.this dog breed is used for sheep herding.

Second  (poodle):--

Poodle is world's second smartest dog breed.poodles are very active and very smart.they are cute but they were originally bred for hunting. Poodle is a very good dog breed for kids and for family.

Third  (German shepherd ):--
German shepherd

German shepherd is the third smartest dog breed.This dog breed is very famous in police and military works.this breed  originated in Germany.this dog breed was used by shepherds.

Fourth (Golden retriever):--

Golden retreiver

Golden retriever is the fourth smartest dog breed.they are very intelligent and can learn many tricks in only some repetitions. They are very gentle with small kids.
they were bred  as a companion on hunting. They are very loyal to their owners.they are very familiar with strangers and other dog breeds.they are very good as a guide dog.

Fifth  (Doberman pinscher):-- 
Doberman pinscher

 Doberman pinscher is the fifth smartest dog breed.they are known for their speed and strength. They are very loyal and smart.they can learn many tricks.
this dog breed was also used in war.they are used in military and police works.this dog breed was also work in movies.It was bred as a guard dog breed.

No dog is smart and no dog is very smart.this all depends upon how their owner trained them and this all depends upon the socialization of dog breed. 

If you think that your dog is dumb than give him your time and love and give him training.this will make your dog smart , familiar and obedient. 

   " give your heart to dogs they never break it"

#love animals.
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