Top 10 awesome facts about Alaskan Malamutes||unknown facts

 Alaskian malamutes:--

Top 10 awesome facts about Alaskan Malamutes.

 Alaskian malamutes are very popular breed of dogs all
over the world.they are very good guard dogs. They are famous beacause of  their wolf like looks.

they look very similar with wolves but they also look very similar with Siberian Husky.they are very loyal and also very smart.they can learn many small tricks in only some repetitions.they obeys all command given by their owner 94 percent of times.

they are very loyal to their owner. They are very protective for their owner's safety.they need daily exercising and daily walk.they do no like to sit for a long while,they feel bored.

they are very friendly but this depend on the socialization of that dog.they need high training to make them gentle and obedient. they are very gentle with small kids.they love to play with their owner and with other dogs.

"Some facts about Alaskan malamutes:--

:--Many people believe that this breed is the oldest breed in North America.

:-- Alaskan  malamutes are very powerful and very strong.they were used to pull weights. They were also used in world war 2 as a rescue and sled dog.

:--some believe that this breed was created by crossbreeding between dogs and wolf.
Top 10 awesome facts about Alaskan Malamutes.

:-- Alaskan  malamutes have very dense coat that prevent them from low (freezing) they easily adapts the cold areas but they do not like hot temperature.

:--Alaskan  malamutes are slower than the other sled racing dogs, they are very good learners but sometimes they disobeys the command.their paws are bigger than other dogs.

:-Malamutes are very strong .their bones are  thicker than the other dogs.

:--this dog breed do not like to sit without any simulations.they easily get bored.they need daily exercise and walk to make them active and smart.

:--they are smart but their owner  need high patience to train them.their owners need to give them more time to train them.

:-- If they left without activity for long time, they might destroy your home.and all your sofa,bedsheets,curtain etc.

:--they do no need high calories food.they gain weight very easily .they need daily exercise to make them fit.
Top 10 awesome facts about Alaskan Malamutes.

 Due to their aggression, They need high training and socialization  or they could attack on strangers and on other animals.

               Give your dog :--love 

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