Interesting facts about chihuahua


Interesting facts about chihuahua

 Chihuahua are very popular breed of dogs all
over the world.they are very good guard dogs.

They are famous beacause of  their small size .they are very loyal and also very smart.they can learn many small tricks in only some repetitions.they obeys all command given by their owner 93 percent of times.

they are very loyal to their owner. They are very protective for their owner's safety.they need daily exercising and daily walk.they do no like to sit for a long while,they feel bored.

they are very friendly but this depend on the socialization of that dog.they need high training to make them gentle and obedient. they are very gentle with small kids.they love to play with their owner and with other dogs.

"Some facts about chihuahua"-

:--chihuahua is a very famous  breed in all over the world.they gained popularity in 1960's.

:--they are very small in size.but they can give birth to four pups in one litter.

:--there is a chihuahua club in America founded in 1923.this shows the popularity of chihuahua.

:--their nose can be of different colours,include :-gray,pink brown and black.sometimes their nose can be of two color combination.

:--Pure white chis is very rare of all colours.they are very cute and beautiful.

:--Short hair chihuahua were bred with papillons to make them long haired.
Interesting facts about chihuahua

:--they have very big variety of colours.they have 30 different color variety.

:--chihuahuas are  very loyal to their owner.they are very protective and can die for the safety of their owner.

:--they are world's smallest dog breed in the world.their life span is about 12-15 years.they are in the list of long lived dogs.
Interesting facts about chihuahua

To make them gentle and familiar they need much socialization and
Training.  they can attack strangers and other dogs. they need love from their owner or they could depressed and feel alone.

       Give them your love

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