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Rottweiler :-

Rottweiler is a very famous dog breeds in all over world.This dog breed is very smart.The dog breed is also used in police work because of their attentiveness and smartness.

Rottweilers are also used in world war 2.
This dog breed is very loyal,smart and can do anything for their owner's protection.

Rottweilers are very loyal to their owner.Sometimes this dog breed (Rottweiler)is very aggressive to the strangers.This dog breed is very good watch dog.Rottweiler are also very good guard dogs.

"Some facts about Rottweiler "

:--Rottweiler are used by ancient Romans to pull the the dead cattles and meat boxes.due to their strong muscles and power, they were used for this work.

:--After the invention of Railways their population got decreased because railway was used to transport meat and boxes of meat.

:--This dog breed was used in in world war and after world war 2 this dog breeds became very famous because of their alertness and aggression.

:--Rottweiler is very famous in all over world.This dog breed can be found in many countries like INDIA,UNITED STATE OF AMERCIA and in many  more countries.

:--Rottweilers are also used in police work against crime and criminal.they are very smart and alert in police work.

:--Rottweiler are used as watch dog and guard dog because of their loyalty and  alertness.they are not familiar with other dogs if they are not well trained.

:--Behaviour of Rottweiler is depends upon  their owner.How it's owner socialize and trained this dog breed.

:--This dog breed daily exercise and daily walk.This dog breed easily get bored and aggressive.

:--To overcome it's aggression this breed needs socialization and training.

:-- This dog breed was first bred in GERMANY by ancient ROMANS.

:--Rottweilers are generally found in tan and black color.Rottweiler has small ears and a tan dot on eyebrows.

No dog is dangerous,It is only depend how their owners treat and trained  them.
So love dogs.and other animals

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