Information about different dog breeds

Information about different dog breeds:---
Cute dogs

world is full of different -different dog breeds. Humans need partners in their life like dogs as partners .Dog are the humans best friends. They are very loyal,friendly and adorable.

Information about different dog breeds

:--Like humans dogs and many other animals have feeling such as love,sadness and regret. 

:--Dogs are very loyal and friendly than the humans they are not clever as humans.dogs only need love from their partners.

:--There are around 150 different-different  dog breeds all around the globe.many dog breeds are created with intermixing of different dog breeds.

:--Dog are very intelligent than many other animals or pet breeds.TOP intelligent dog breed is BORDER COLLIE and the SECOND most intelligent is POODLE and the THIRD most intelligent dog breed is GERMAN SHEPHERD.

:--Dog are best choice as a partner in a life,if you treat your dog best than dog also return all your love to you.

:-Many people prefer Dog better than cats.Because are adorable than the cats .Dog are very loyal than the cats. 

:--personally I also love dogs very much.dogs are very lovable and adorable .They are very cute and loyal than any other animals.there are many stories About dogs and many other animal's loyalty. But today animals are facing cruelty, we need to take serious steps on animals cruelty. Animals need love not cruelty. 
Cute dogs

:-----Animals are best creation of God  and Animals are not created for cruelty they were made for love ,for your and our(HUMANS) LOVE .so love animals.

They are loyal than the humans we trust most. Humans could break your trust but dogs could not break anyone's feeling and trust.Love them,TRUST them and give your heart to dogs they will never break it.

So love Dogs and animals ,they also return all your love to you.

#Information about different dog breeds:

#Animal  LOVERS .

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