Fun facts about golden retriever ||awesome facts

Golden retriever :--

Facts about golden retriever

 Golden retriever is a very famous  breed in all over the world.they are also very famous in United states of America. 

they can be a very good family member. They are very gentle with small kids. Golden retriever are very energetic, active and very beautiful.

Sometimes They can be familiar with strangers and with other animals.they are very loyal to their owner or trainer.they are very smart and can learn many tricks in only some repetition.

"Some fun-facts about Golden retriever"

:-- Golden retrievers are very smart .they are very good swimmers ,because of their webbed toes ,they are good swimmers.

:-- "Golden retriever is the fourth smartest dog breed.they are very intelligent and can learn many tricks in only some repetitions.they obeys command 95 percent of times."

:--their hairs never stop growing,so they need daily brushing and high maintenance. Their coat is very smooth and water resistance.
Unique facts about golden retriever

:--They are also used in search and rescue teams.because of their sense of smell , hearing and their great abilities of tracking ,they are also used in military and police work.

:--they are great family dogs. They are also a great therapy dogs. Golden retrievers are very easy to train .they are also used in movies and advertisements.

:-- they are very popular in all over the world. Golden retriever is the third most famous  breed in United states of America.

:--they are very loyal to their owners and trainers. Golden retriever are used as guide and  as a service dog.they can do anything for their  owner if they find that their owner is in danger.

:--If the owner of this dog leave them alone then they easily get depressed and easily got sad.
Fun facts about golden retriever

Golden are very gentle with small kids,they can be aggressive on strangers but their aggression can be  overcome by training and socialization of dog.
give your dog love this make your dog gentle and obedient

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