Fun facts about Doberman


Doberman is a very famous dog breed in all over the world.Dobermans are very loyal,gentle,smart but sometimes they can be very aggressive on strangers or other dogs.

they are very loyal to their owners and family members.they are very gentle with small kids but sometimes they could be aggressive.this dog breed needs a good training and socialization.

Some facts about DOBERMAN:--

:--Doberman is not a very older breed as it is only 150 years old breed.It is originated in GERMANY.

:--Birth country of Doberman is Germany.It was bred by a tax collector .because of safety and protection from thieves.Doberman is a very good guard and watch dog.

:--Doberman dog breed is very smart.It is fifth smartest dog breed all over the world.this dog breed is very easy to train.It can learn many moves,if you trained it well.

:--They are very loyal to their owner and very protective to their owner's safety. If they feel that their owner is in threat they can do anything to protect their owner.

:--Tail and ears of Doberman are docked.Their is very big reasons behind the docking of ear and tail.anyone(criminal ) can grab his tail or ear and make Doberman unable to attack the criminal.

:--This dog breed is very famous in movies .this dog breed was also worked in the movie named as "THE DOBERMAN GANG " in 1972's.

:-- They don't like to take bath and do not like cold weather .the coat of Doberman is very smooth and also sometimes acts as waterproof coat.

:--This dog breed was also used in wars and became the war heros. This dog breed is very brave,strong,smart and sometimes it is very aggressive.

:-- Doberman was first bred as guard and watch dog by a tax collector in "GERMANY".he wanted to protect his money and life  from criminals and thieves.

:--This dog breed is also very fast and can run 3times more faster than humans.also their stamina is more than the humans.

This dog breed is aggressive but the aggression of any dog breed is only depend upon the trainer or owner of the dog.also this depends upon the socialization of dog.

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