Awesome facts about Pomeranians

Awesome facts about Pomeranian

 Pomeranian is a very famous breed in all over the world.they are beautiful and very cute.

they are very smart and can learn many tricks only in some repetitions.they are very obedient to their owners.

They are very good watch dog.they are also very good guard dog.they bark  on strangers and other animals.

They are not much friendly with strangers and other dogs.they are loyal and protective to their owners.

"Some facts about Pomeranian"

:-- Pomeranian was originated at is the region of Northern Europe.they got their name because of this region.

:--they are very small and their weight is around 7 to 11 pounds.But the ancestors of this breed was big sled is very hard to believe that they are descended from big dogs.
Awesome facts about Pomeranian

:--Queen Victoria  of England love Pomeranians .they were not always small in size,before they were bred by queen Victoria.

:--they do not like strangers and other dogs.they can be aggressive on other animals.To overcome this Pomeranians need high socialization and training.

:-- They can make great therapy dogs.they are very alert and good watch dog.they start bark on strangers.and sometimes they could attack on them.

:--they have very long hair but they do not need much grooming but they need daily brushing and maintenance.

Awesome facts about Pomeranian

 Due to their aggression, They need high training and socialization  or they could attack on strangers and on other animals.
This breed needs love or they feel alone and they could get depressed

      Give your heart to dogs,                   they never break it 

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