Awesome facts about Geraman shepherd

German shepherd :--
German shepherd dog

German shepherd is a very  famous breed in all over the world. German shepherds are very smart and gentle with small kids.German shepherd is third most intelligent  dog breed.because of their smartness they can learn many tricks.
They are very good watch dog and do not like other dog breed.they can be aggressive on strangers.But all this depends upon socialization and training given by their owner.

They are also very good guard dogs.They are very loyal for their owner and very protective for their owner's safety.This dog breed is also very famous in police works for rescue and search.

Some fun-facts about "German Shepherd":--

:-- German shepherds are very loyal for their owners and their owner's safety.they are also very protective for their owner.

:--German shepherd is the Third most intelligent dog breed in all over the world.They can learn many tricks because of their smartness.

:--It is the most registered dog breed in USA about 3.6 million.Not only in USA this dog breed is very famous in all over the world.
German shepherd dog

:--This dog breed gain popularity after World war 2.this dog breed used as guard dog in the war.GSD is a very strong muscles dog.

:--German shepherds are excellent watch and guard dogs.they are very protective for their owners safety.They are extremely loyal to their family and owner.

:--German shepherds were originated at GERMANY they were used as  watch dog,guard dog,rescuer,messenger and also used to supply carrier and goods.

:--Because of smartness of German shepherd,they are brilliant at learning new tasks and tricks.they obeys 96 percent of commands given by their trainer or given by their owners.
German shepherd

German shepherds can be aggressive to strangers and other dogs, but this all depends upon the socialization and training of German shepherd. No dog is born with aggression, this is all depend on owner of that dog. 

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